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Angel Girl in Silver

Silver Angel Girl figurine playing a concertina with gold accents.

Angel Watching Over Baby Boy

A wonderful, detailed figurine of an Angel guarding a baby boy in his crib. The Angel has her hand over her heart and carries several purple flowers.

Angel with Colored Flowers - Angel Figurine

Angel with colored flowers is a beautiful, glazed porcelain Angel with a long, flowing robe adorned with delicate yellow, pink, blue and peach colored flowers.

Charity - Angel Figurine

Arms wide with welcome, Charity is a tall and very lovely Angel. Her full-length gown accentuates her slender lines.

Dancing Angel with Cherubs - Angel Figurine

A beautiful, glazed porcelain Angel with a long, flowing, multi-colored dress dancing with two baby Cherubs.

Grandfather Angel with Child - Angel Figurine

Grandfather Angel is dressed in a long peach robe. His hand rests on the back of a young girl as he reads to her from a large book.

Joy - Angel Figurine

Joy  holds a star of happiness in her hands and is dressed in a long, flowing gown.

Male Angel with Sleeping Boy - Angel Figurine

A strong, male Angel with beautiful, long, white wings stands watch over a sleeping boy.

Peace - Angel Figurine

With her raised hands reaching upward, this Angel extends an offering to heaven. She is dressed in a long gown with the word Peace inscribed on the hem.

Wish - Angel Figurine

This tall, graceful Angel is dressed in a long, flowing gown that accents her graceful lines. Her hands are clasped together in prayer, wishing you love and happiness.